Live Shows

A full list of services is delivered by a passion-
ate team that delivers unparalleled audiovisual
support to events around the nation.


Our extensive inventory of high-quality and professional
grade equipment is meticulously serviced by our staff to
ensure optimum dependability and performance.


Corporate shows
& events

We are committed to service and we take our role seri-
ously. You can count on us to be responsive, reliable and
creative in our approach to finding the right solution to
any production challenge.


End to end production capabilities, a seasoned team of engineers,
and the latest in high-performance equipment. Our touring team
has extensive experience with the dynamic nature of live tour logis-


Staging Equipment

Staging equipment for indoor and outdoor events. Our production staff has
experience across a variety of venues from stage design to installation.

Audio & Live Sound

A state-of-the-art audio experience regardless of scope
or environment. We offer full scale audio production ser-
vices including live, on-site management of live concerts,
festivals, corporate events, trade shows and more.

Lighting Design
& Production

Event lighting solutions, from visual design to live pro-
duction, including an extensive inventory of the latest
in pro-lighting technologies and an all-star team of
highly skilled technicians and engineers to deliver fully
immersive, audience engaging environments.

Video & LED
Display Systems

The new standard in event production. We offer full video dis-
play services including high definition displays and LED panels,
IMAG, projection mapping and live video services to create a
truly immersive experience.

Concept Creation & Design

Our design team will plan all aspects of your production
to address any engineering challenges and design require-
ments. We work with you throughout the conceptua-
lization process to build CAD schematics, generate 3D rend-
erings and compile detailed set lists to ensure smooth
execution from load-in to break down.